M—XR was founded in 2018 with a mission of bringing the infinite world of 3D to the masses. Our passionate team is focused on developing best in class tools to give brands, studios, and creators the ability to create highly realistic 3D content at scale. Curiosity and creativity are at the heart of M—XR as we push the envelope of what is possible. We are looking for skilled individuals who share this passionate curiosity, question the norm, and have a willingness to explore something new. If you are an engineer, developer, or creative and want to help shape the future of 3D we would love to hear from you.


R&D Project Manager
London, UK

Job description

M—XR is expanding it’s R&D team to complete the development of their unique 3D capture system. The team will be split into software development and hardware development. The hardware development team will focus on the physical creation of the 3D scanner by expanding upon M—XR’s already established research, to optically capture a subject’s 3D form and material information. The software team will develop the relevant procedures, including cloud network architecture, to process the collected data into a 3D form, and use machine learning to identify the relevant material properties.

We are looking for an individual with great experience working within the development of software and hardware projects combined — specifically R&D based projects as the majority of work towards the start of the project will be focused around experimentation. Previous knowledge of the 3D industry; Stakeholders, Workflows, Pipelines, will be beneficial (Games and or Films).

You will be responsible for the management of 5-8 engineers, developers and artists, working closely with the CTO to expand upon the current technical roadmap, by breaking down the work-packages into task assignments. In addition to organizing and managing workflows, assignment of tasks and tracking the overall progress of the project. As this is a live R&D project, you will have to be reactive to new and emerging hurdles and changes in direction of R&D as a result of test data and discoveries. Being a startup, we are looking for someone well versed who will allow the company and team to grow, showing leadership, taking initiative and ensuring a clear focus within team members.

Please attach your CV and a cover letter, detailing why your past experience will make you suitable for the role and how you personally will be a key contributor to the team.


  • Ensure that the project is tracking correctly through communication with department heads & delegating new tasks.
  • Budget Management.
  • Develop and implement a schedule of project activities and key milestones to achieve the project objectives.
  • Manage risks, issues, and changes on the project.
  • Experience with running software development and the appropriate workflows such as agile.
  • Able to set up a process flow, monitoring, and planning tool for all activities, using existing mechanisms as a basis, but striving to improve and drive efficiencies for all.
  • Experience running R&D based projects, able to adapt and form new plans and task assignments upon changes in developments.


  • The leadership of small teams
  • Proficiency in Google Suites
  • Strong numeric and data analytics ability.
  • Intellectually curious, to learn quickly and anticipate needs where possible.
  • Understanding of 3D; use cases, stakeholders & the workflow for both game and film.
  • Can think laterally, creatively, and have strong problem-solving skills.
  • Basic Understanding of Machine Learning workflow; synthetic data creation, training & evaluation.

Thank you for your time in advance.






Studio 7,

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United Kingdom

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