M-XR joins Farfetch's Dream Assembly

Exploration of how fashion can leverage truly realistic 3D models


At M—XR we are developing then next generation 3D capture system, which is able to accurately and automatically the real-world into 3D. This enabling brands, studios and creators to leverage the infinite world of 3D with truly realistic 3D assets that are indistinguishable from reality. The system is composed of a custom engineered node that is able to measure and extract an array of information that has previously been unattainable. Using the extracted information we are able to create a unique dataset, which is where things begin to get exciting as we manipulate this data and use artificial intelligence to generate the highest possible quality geometric, texture and material maps.

Dream Assembly

Dream Assembly is a seven-week accelerator program powered by Farfetch, which supports the best entrepreneurs, teams and technology that are shaping the future of commerce. We are looking forward to collaborating with one of the world’s most innovative and digital first fashion brands. There is a shared enthusiasm and vision for 3D’s role in the future of Luxury Fashion. M—XR will look to introduce our version of the future of 3D production technology.   Visit www.dreamassembly.com for more information.

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