A Collaborative Exploration Of Fashion and Technology

Byborre and M-XR work together to see how textile creation can change in the future

The Overview

Hypebeast commissioned the textile brand Byborre & 3D company M-XR to collaborate in exploring how fashion and technology can be used together – to aid the creation process & sustainability.  


The Byborre studio’s USP is their approach to innovation within textile creation to reduces the wasted byproduct of the knitting process through their TDK (Textile Development Kit). To take the direction of Byborre’s innovation a step further, M-XR proposed a 3D system that will allow creators and consumers the ability to customise and interact with a product long before it has been created.

Interactive Display

The necessary features of the interactive display are ease of use and realism – focusing on the way fabrics reacts to lighting and movement. The M-XR team utilized their unique scanning system to capture an array of fabrics from the Byborre studio. Resulting in digital fabrics that reacted to lighting identically to their real-world counterparts. For the first time, real-time cloth simulations were used in conjunction with 3D hand tracking to create natural interacts with the garments, reducing the friction and disparity between the digital-world and real-world.


Design Unfolded

The piece was exhibited in New York as part of Samsung <> Hypebeasts Design Unfolded event, alongside Byorre’s recent line of clothing and several 3D video sequences also produced by M-XR. The experience allowed attendees to move the garment around, change the lighting in the room to see different details within the fabrics and also fully customize the garment by dropping an array of fabrics onto the arms,chest,shoulders and side panels.

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