A Retail Augmented Reality Experience For Mulberry

An interactive augmented reality experience for luxury fashion using 8thWall


As the new realm of immersive mediums continue to develop, Mulberry tasked M—XR to create a fun experience that could compliment the launch of their latest product addition, The Iris; a luxury handbag which features an interchangeable top handle. The product is being launched in three event locations, starting in Tokyo, then New York, and finishing in London.  



Augmented reality offers a perfect opportunity for consumers to visualise brands product like never before, this technology has the power to turn every aspect of the real world into a creative canvas. M—XR proposed that Mulberry create an AR experience using 8thWall — a cross-platform rise solution for building AR experiences that can run on the mobile web. Quality is at the heart of the Mulberry proposition, so a realistic 3D product render with a slick UI/UX was imperative. Using M—XR’s capture technology, we were able to generate an exact 3D replica of the Iris product — with accurate colours, textures, and materials. The highly optimised digital twin is ready to be used across any desired XR format; virtual, augmented, game, film or even in-store. In total M—XR created more than ten variations of Iris product, here are some of the 3D results:

Iris renders

The experience featured a seamless real and virtual world user experience, one that would navigate users from start to finish. The Mulberry team created a custom “MyLocal” beermat, which acted as the expeirence gateway and tracker. Users would access the experience via a QR code printed on the custom printed Mulberry beermat. Meaning participants could simply use their smartphone camera to access the web expeirence. As the experience unfolds, the user is presented with a branded interactive 3D beermat that can be swiped left and right. The user is then instructed to flip the beermat over, where they’re greeted with a photorealistic render of the Iris bag. Users can then customise the product’s handle and body colour until they find their desired match. To conclude the experience, the user has the option to snap a screenshot and/or convert through to the mulberry.com website where they can make a product purchase.

Mulberry start-screen and Iris in augmented reality
“The M—XR team is leading the way in quality assets, we look forward to exploring XR together.” Head of Digital Marketing

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