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We are developing the next generation 3D capture system for accurate and automatic 3D conversion of the real-world.


The initial research and development of our first precision scanning system. This system is capable of capturing objects at an amazing level of fidelity; able to capture thread level detail, accurate depth, accurate diffuse and specular maps. Whilst roughness and transparency maps are estimated. This system was used to capture the industry renowned Nike AR shoe that went viral across social channels. We are currently using this system to service our partners within the world of luxury fashion.

Our current R&D focus is how we achieve full material acquisition universally across a captured object. Our semi-automated patent pending system uses custom optics and machine learning to measure a full range of material properties, such as diffuse, specular, roughness, IOR and transparency. This innovation and method is key to achieving accurate 3D conversion of real-world objects. Giving the end user a sense that 3D models are real due to the fact models react to lighting correctly.

During this phase we will look to conclude with an automated end-to-end 3D capture system which requires little-to-no human intervention. The system will capture an object and automatically measure and extract a full array of material properties. The asset will then progress through our automated pipeline, automatic retopology to industry standard. The 3D model will then be converted into an array of LODs (level of detail) to be used for any desired application: AR/VR, Film and AAA Games.

During this last disclosed phase we aim to provide industry with the highest quality AR (augmented reality) assets. Ensuring the smallest possible file size for faster streaming and better performance. Here, our proposed system will be capable of understanding the semantics within a captured object; an AI will interpret, and manipulate accordingly. This creating a unified workflow for brands, studios and creators who have a need to create 3D models that are indistinguishable from reality, at scale.

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