Update:Epic Games Invests in M-XR!

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Hyper-realistic3D Capture

M–XR is pioneering 3D Capture

The process of 3D capturing realism.

M-XR's proprietary 3D scanning system is able to accurately measure and extract real-world material maps. Due to this invention we are able to produce hyper realistic 3D models of scanned objects.


You Send

Send us the object you would like to digitise.


We Capture

Our technicians will capture your object using the M-XR system.


We Generate

Using our pipeline we generate and send your 3D model to you within 24 hours.


We Return

Once complete, we send your object back to you.

Pilot Participation

If you would like to participate in our 3D scanning pilot program please register your information here.

We are focused on capturing swatches and rigid-body objects for brands and studios within film, game and fashion.

Pilot Participation

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